What the heck even is this?

lift.zone started out of my frustration when trying to log my workouts online. Everywhere I went they had a large, hard to search database of exercise names. I also had to search for those names every time I logged each activity in my workout, for every workout.

What I really wanted is a place where I could just type out my workout in plain language and have the site just, you know, figure it out.

lift.zone is that place. You can read below how it all works, and if you'd like to try it out hit me up on Twitter (@wraithgar) to get an invite.

If you find something that's not working, or have a different format you would like to see, or just have some feedback you can also email me here or open an issue on github

The source code for lift.zone is also publically available (website) (api)

Here's how it works:

When you go to log a workout you just start typing. It's a good idea to name and date your workout. This is not required, if you leave that part out it will just assume the workout was today and will be named My Workout.

Here are some examples of what you can type.

Friday Leg Day
5/30 Cardio
2/22/2002 Split A

Let's say it's leg day. Next you'd start typing what you did using weight x reps x sets notation.

Friday Leg Day

Squat 135x5x4, 185x1

On your log page you'd see that the workout was named Leg Day and the date was this Friday. Because this is your first time logging squats, you'd see a next to that activity. Click on it to get a screen where you can confirm that this is a new activity.

When you're all done click Save and that's it. That's how you log workouts here.

Different names for the same activity

Now, let's say next week when you were logging you typed Barbell Squat instead of just Squat. You'd get a just like before, but when you clicked on it, one of the options would be This is another name for: followed by Squat. Click Squat and now lift.zone will always remember that when you type "Barbell Squat" it should log as "Squat".

Comments and PRs

To add a comment to an activity, simply put it in parenthesis. To indicate a PR (personal record) put a * next to that rep.



(Felt good, can probably do more)


You can also go to the Aliases tab and manually add new activity names, add aliases for your existing activities, or change one of your aliases to the main activity name that will show up when you type any of the other aliases.

Try it out

That's about all there is to this site for now. Go ahead and try it out. Here's an example of different ways you can log activities, including ones with no weight, and ones with time elements.

5/30 Workout C


5 minutes

Pull Ups

-15x5, 5, 5, 5, 15x5

Overhead Press

45x5, 70x4, 80x1

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